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Disease State Plasma

BBI Solutions’ Serum and Plasma provides bulk disease state plasma units, specialising in autoimmune, infectious diseases, pregnancy and allergy.

Our human disease state plasma units are collected, screened, processed, stored and shipped based on ethical considerations and customers’ specific requirements. Our disease state plasma units are available as recovered plasma or serum, plasmapheresis or plasma exchange with patient consent and ethical approval as relevant.

We source directly around the world, with a local presence in three continents, and store material at our HTA licensed UK facilities in Kent.

We provide an extensive range of infectious disease state plasma including syphilis, HBV, HCV and HIV. We test our plasma for specific markers of interest and are able to offer immunological and molecular characterisation data along with demographic information.

Our extensive supply chain of blood banks, hospitals and donor centres enable us to screen for rare disease states and process materials to specific testing requirements.

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Working to our customers’ requirements

At BBI we understand our customers have very specific requirements, so we identify rare materials for early disease or esoteric markers through our extensive screening programme.

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The BBI difference

Used by diagnostic and research organisations worldwide, our disease state plasma offers:

-Confidence – in our supply sustainability and ethical approach. Plasma is collected ethically with donor consent.

-Variety – a wide range of disease states and geographical origin. Our plasma is disease state tested upon collection.

-Customisation – order human plasma in bulk amounts at defined specifications.

-Quality – robust procedures and stringent quality controls.

-Quantitative Results – titres are reported and tested using industry standard testing platforms ensuring your immunoassays give correct results.

-High Volumes – which eliminates the supply issues often faced with sourcing rare diagnostic markers.

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