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BBI Solutions – expert in bulk disease state plasma 

At BBI Solutions’ Serum and Plasma, our business is built on high quality products and outstanding customer partnerships, and based on ethical considerations and customers’ specific requirements.

For decades, BBI Solutions has been supplying essential biological raw materials to the diagnostic and research industries. We are trusted partners in working with some of the world’s largest diagnostic companies and academic researchers, bringing efficiency, simplicity and veracity to their testing situations.

Disease State Plasma

Our human disease state plasma units are collected, screened, processed, stored and shipped to you based on ethical considerations and customers’ specific requirements. Our disease state plasma units are available as recovered plasma or serum, plasmaphoresis or plasma exchange with patient consent and ethical approval as relevant. We source directly around the world, with a local presence in three continents, and store material at our HTA licensed UK facilities in Kent.

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Developing for the future

At BBI we’re passionate about innovation.

We’re looking for industry and academic partners that we can work with to develop and deliver products that will revolutionise the diagnostic market. We are working on next generation products and technologies that will ensure that BBI and in turn, its customers will continue to enjoy a leading innovative position in the IVD space and ultimately give everyone the opportunity to enjoy a better quality of life.

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Quality excellence governs all we do at BBI – it is a way of life. Our consistent approach to manufacturing and supplying the highest quality products ensures we meet and when possible exceed our customer expectations and conform to all applicable regulatory requirements.

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