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Our gold nanoparticles are used in over
400 million lateral flow tests every year


Gold Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology refers to science dedicated to materials having dimensions in the order of 100nm or less.

Gold nanoparticles are a suspension consisting of sub-micron gold nanoparticles suspended within a solvent, most often water. They have unique optical, electronic, and thermal properties and are used in a wide range of applications including diagnostics (lateral flow assays), microscopy and electronics.

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Working to our customers’ requirements

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At BBI we understand our customers have different requirements, so offer a range of gold nanoparticle sizes from 2nm to 250nm to cater to those needs, whatever the application.

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Gold in rapid diagnostic tests

The quality and performance of a conjugate is critical to achieving consistent, accurate results in lateral flow tests. Gold nanoparticles offer excellent stability and sensitivity. As the demand for increased sensitivity grows, gold has become regarded as a reliable raw material to provide an accurate visual reading.

BBI Solutions gold nanoparticles for rapid diagnostic assays

Gold nanoparticles for rapid diagnostics assays

Good gold versus bad gold

good gold nanoparticles versus bad gold nanoparticles

BBI’s unique manufacturing technique allows for the production of large batches of gold to a high level of reproducibility of size, dispersion and shape. This ensures a firm foundation for conjugation and peace of mind that your rapid assay will provide reliable results.

Competitor comparison table - single typical batch of 20nm and 40 nm gold nanoparticles

Competitor comparison table gold nanoparticles

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The BBI difference

Used in over 400 million assays every year, our gold manufacturing technique guarantees:

Consistency – with <5% uneven shapes and a CV of <8%, the uniform shape and size of BBI gold ensures even antibody binding, giving reliable results in your assay

High stability – 1 year shelf life ensures a settled test manufacturing regime saving you time and wastage

Scalability – our batch sizes go up to 350L to ensure you have continuous supply

Quality – BBI gold must pass strict quality procedures before it's released to our customers, guaranteeing impressive performance characteristics at scale

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Advantages of outsourcing

There are many hidden costs in producing gold nanoparticles and conjugates in house. By outsourcing manufacture to BBI, you can benefit from:

More R&D time: valuable R&D time is freed up to concentrate on the development of your assay systems

More tests per litre of gold: using BBI gold results in more tests per volume of conjugate, because consistent gold means less waste

A faster route to market: using BBI gold you can avoid delays caused by using a poor, inconsistent gold label, and commercialise your assay faster

Enhanced sensitivity: 25 years of experience and our proven track record in manufacturing gold nanoparticles will put you one step ahead of the competition

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Gold starter packs

Are you using gold for the first time, or trying a new process and are unsure of which gold nanoparticles size to purchase?

Our gold starter packs provide a range of particle sizes to allow a comprehensive evaluation, comprising 100ml each of a selection of our gold nanoparticles.

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