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Our gold nanoparticles are used in over
400 million lateral flow tests every year


Setting the Gold Standard

At BBI Solutions, our business is built on high quality products and outstanding customer partnerships.

For over 25 years BBI has served the global diagnostic and life science markets, supplying high quality nanoparticles and fully optimised gold conjugates, delivering reliable assays and consistent results time after time.

Gold nanoparticles

BBI’s gold nanoparticles are used in more than 400 million assays every year.

Our unique manufacturing technique guarantees consistent particle size and shape, with minimal batch to batch variation to help save you time and money.

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Custom conjugation service

Alongside our world famous gold nanoparticles, BBI’s complementary and specialised custom conjugation service delivers optimised products for sensitivity and specificity that meet your needs time and time again.

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Off the shelf conjugates

BBI’s stock conjugates have been manufactured as ‘best in class’ standard assay anti-species conjugates and by definition are not limited to specific assay types or sample matrices. Manufactured using our unique gold nanoparticles, our off the shelf products provide outstanding performance and long term shelf stability from 12 – 24 months.

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High OD gold

Our high OD gold can be used to simplify the conjugation process, by removing centrifugation steps in the concentration process or to simply improve the economics of delivery.

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Quality excellence governs all we do at BBI – it is a way of life. Our consistent approach to manufacturing and supplying the highest quality products ensures we meet and when possible, exceed our customer expectations and conform to all applicable regulatory requirements.

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