SCIPAC Clinical Specimen Panels

Introducing SCIPAC, BBI Solutions highly characterised clinical specimen panelsSCIPAC Clinical Specimen Panels

BBI Solutions’ is pleased to introduce SCIPAC, our highly characterised clinical specimen panels.

A clinical specimen panel provides a quantity of trusted patient samples, to allow you to perform internal quality control for proof of concept when developing your assay.

Clinical specimen panels available:

  • SCIPAC-P Hepatitis panel
  • SCIPAC-P HIV panel
  • SCIPAC-P Syphilis panel

Why choose BBI’s SCIPAC clinical specimen panels?

Working with BBI, you can be confident in the safe and secure supply of our patient samples. We have a diverse range of donor demographics supplied direct to BBI, giving traceability back to the source of hospitals and blood banks in three different continents.

BBI is renowned for providing high quality products and our SCIPAC panels are no exception. Our materials are undiluted, viral tested and do not contain preservatives.

All our clinical specimen samples are collected and manufactured with ethically approved protocols and with the consent of the donor.

We can provide a representative set of samples for rare materials at early stages of disease diagnosis. These are available as multiples of positive members and one negative member of 1ml each, and are stored at a HTA licenced facility.

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