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Morffi Technology


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Morffi Signal Enhancement

What is Morffi technology?

Morffi signal enhancement technology, developed in-house by BBI scientists, provides an increase in sensitivity and improves the assay performance when compared to existing gold conjugation methods.

Morffi Signal Enhancement

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The Morffi technology is offered as part of BBI’s lateral flow development service. By working with BBI you can deliver truly next generation performance into the hands of your customers with:

How does it work?

The Morffi technology works by increasing the availability of the binding partner on the label surface, thereby increasing the opportunity for binding between the binding partner and the target analyte.

Due to the simplicity of the technology, it can be easily integrated into an existing test without the need for complicated redevelopment. A simple feasibility study would need to be done on your existing test, or a proof-of-principle if you are considering Morffi for use with a brand-new test.

As well as increased speed and sensitivity, other benefits include:

  • BSA (Bovine Serum Albumin) free conjugates, which eradicate the potential for cross contamination with human serum albumin-binding antibodies or when aiming to detect bovine-origin or non-bovine animal targets.
  • Simple, fast and inexpensive development as there is no need to change assay format or materials.
  • The excellent stability of this lateral flow conjugation process, so your product will have a long shelf life.

Why choose BBI’s Morffi technology?

Choosing our Morffi technology will eradicate the need to use the BSA in assay conjugates and in doing so will eliminate issues with cross-reactivity. It can also help gain competitive advantage by extending the life of your assay, to achieve a higher level of performance.

BBI’s manufacturing facilities, can accommodate scale-up which will allow fast entry into established markets.

Want to know more?

We’ve tested our innovation on over 200 conjugates to-date and are confident that our results show increased performance. Follow the quick links below to find out more:

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