5 billion test strips contain our Glucose Oxidase for Blood Glucose Monitoring

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60 years of Enzyme Expertise.

For over 60 years BBI Solutions has delivered consistent, high quality enzymes to the global diagnostic and research markets.

Our enzymes are renowned for their high levels of activity and purity, batch-to-batch consistency and proven performance in a variety of critical diagnostic applications – so our customers can be confident that their assays will perform consistently time after time.

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BBI has supplied the biosensors market with high quality enzymes for over 20 years.

We regularly benchmark our Glucose Oxidase and FAD-GDH against our competitors, so we know we offer the greatest range and highest levels of purity, specificity and activity – avoiding interference and giving the user accurate results and a rapid response.

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BBI is the leading producer of Alkaline Phosphatase and Horseradish Peroxidase for use as marker enzymes in applications such as ELISA. We have developed a series of preparations to meet the requirements of assay manufacturers working in a wide variety of formats.

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Clinical Chemistry

Enzymes are used in clinical chemistry as essential components of diagnostic assays. Their properties as reaction catalysts, i.e. speed and specificity, make them excellent tools for a wide range of assays.

At BBI, we can provide you with the key enzymes to develop clinical chemistry reagents.

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Other Applications

BBI Solutions has over 60 years’ of expertise working with customers and partners to develop and manufacture enzymes for a diverse range of applications.

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Bulk Enzyme Capability

BBI are specialists in the sourcing and procurement of bulk animal and plant raw materials to produce high volume enzymes.

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Developing for the future

If you are looking to outsource the development of new, improved or existing products, BBI offers a flexible custom enzyme service suited to your individual budget, application and required level of development.

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Quality excellence governs all we do at BBI – it is a way of life. Our consistent approach to manufacturing and supplying the highest quality products ensures we meet and when possible exceed our customer expectations and conform to all applicable regulatory requirements.

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