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Cell Dissociation Proteins

Designed for gentle and efficient dissociation of adherent cells from surfaces and tissues, BBI Solutions’ CellAdvance® range now includes GMP Grade recombinant trypsin. Recombinant trypsin is high purity and animal origin-free (AOF), suitable for use with multiple cell types including stem cells. It is made for cell culture and other non-therapeutic applications in the GMP production of advanced cell therapies and biopharmaceuticals including vaccines.

Capabilities of Cell Dissociation Proteins

CellAdvance cell dissociation proteins are designed for use in small-scale research through to clinical and large-scale GMP production of stem cells, regenerative medicines, gene therapies, vaccines and more. We offer:

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Grade Cell Dissociation Proteins

CellAdvance GMP Grade proteins are made according to the highest quality standards to produce the most consistent, reliable and biologically active proteins. Suitable for cell culture and non-therapeutic applications in the manufacture of commercial advanced cell therapies and bio pharmaceuticals, our high purity GMP Grade cell dissociation reagents are:

  • Manufactured in a certified GMP facility using GMP-certified analysis equipment and technical staff
  • Adherent to GMP guidelines at all stages of manufacture
  • Compliant with the internationally recognised ISO 9001 quality management standard
  • Designed to be functionally equivalent to the performance of native-derived counterparts
  • Fully traceable, on your request we can provide further information on our products, including certificates of origin
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