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At BBI Solutions, our business is built on high quality products and outstanding customer partnerships. Already a leading expert in immunoassay reagent development and manufacturing services, BBI is now building on 30 years of experience to expand its portfolio of cell culture proteins.

BBI Solutions is a leading provider of Native Human Transferrin, used to enhance cell proliferation across many popular cell lines.

In response to growing demand from our customers and a need from the advanced cell therapy sector for high quality, high grade affordable reagents, we introduce our new CellAdvance® range.

CellAdvance is our portfolio of high quality, affordable cell culture proteins designed for small-scale research and development through to the clinical production of biopharmaceuticals and advanced cell therapies.

We are adding to our high purity, consistent and quality protein reagents. The CellAdvance portfolio offers a range of quality Research Grade cell culture proteins, Animal Origin-Free recombinant proteins, extracellular matrix proteins, cell growth and supplement products, and cell dissociation proteins. We are also expanding our capabilities and expertise in protein manufacture to offer GMP Grade cell culture proteins.

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