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Patient Samples

Are you searching for high quality clinical specimen from a reputable source? BBI Solutions’ Biobank (BBI Biobank) provides clinical patient samples ideal for research, IQC, assay development or validation.

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BBI Solutions – years of diagnostics expertise

For decades, BBI Solutions has been supplying essential biological raw materials and clinical samples for research use within the diagnostic industry. We are trusted partners to our diagnostic customers; bringing efficiency, simplicity and veracity to their testing situations.

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Working to our customers’ requirements

At BBI we understand our customers have different requirements.

Our clinical specimen are available for a wide range of markers and diagnosis as customised samples cohorts, as well as clinical sample panels that can be defined around specific applications.

Our certificates of analysis detail demographic data, measured analyte levels, methods and diagnosis based on customer specifications. Our anonymised patient samples are either remnants or collected with donor consent under ethics approval for assay validation purposes.

The BBI difference

BBI Solutions can supply you with rare clinical patient samples. When you work with us you can:

- Access our readily available clinical sample panels

- Meet specific patient sample requirements thanks to our global reach

- Ensure control over the pre-analytical phase by using a supplier with a global network of collection centres

- Talk through your individual needs with our dedicated technical team

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