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Normal Plasma/Serum

BBI Solutions’ Biobank (BBI Biobank) offers a selective range of normal serum and human plasma products for clinical chemistry control manufacturers. These cover normal serum, as well as normal plasma, in a selection of anticoagulants and are available in bulk quantities, subject to volume requirements, lead times and availability.

Our normal human serum and plasma come in a wide range of specifications and sizes. We build long term partnerships with customers who have bulk requirements, to meet their specific needs at a competitive price.

BBI Solutions – the diagnostic experts

When you buy human plasma from BBI Solutions, you’re benefiting from over 50 years of diagnostic expertise. Our enzymes and diagnostic products are used by clinical testers worldwide for the most dependable, sensitive results.

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Working to our customers’ requirements

We stock a wide array of human plasmas, including EDTA plasma and defibrinated plasma, but we understand our customers have different requirements, so can offer custom collections to meet your inclusion/exclusion criteria.

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The BBI difference

How our normal serum collection helps you:

-Flexibility – plasma available in a variety of anticoagulants, meeting your requirements

-Volume – amounts available from 1ml to full single serum / plasma units

-Scale – bulk quantities available, subject to volume requirements, lead times and availability

-Custom packaging – Available for bulk customers

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