We offer both native and recombinant human proteins to ensure supply sustainability for our customers


What are Recombinant Proteins?

Recombinant proteins are molecules that are produced from recombinant DNA. They are engineered forms of native proteins that are produced using molecular biology techniques.

The recombinant DNA is cloned into special carriers called vectors that are introduced in specific host such as bacteria, mammalian or yeast cells. The recombinant proteins are then expressed using the host’s translational apparatus.

A recombinant protein ensures supply sustainability since it is not dependent on biological raw material.

BBI Solutions’ Recombinant Proteins

BBI Solutions develop and manufacture a range of recombinant proteins in our purpose built laboratories, using E.coli and Pichia pastoris expression systems.

They are designed to mimic natural antigens to ensure they perform in the same way as a native antigen would in your diagnostic test or control solution.

With BBI you can expect:

• Batch to batch consistency

• Rigorous product testing

• Full product documentation

• Material to meet the most demanding specifications

• Technical support from the manufacturer

A diverse range targeted to a wide variety of diagnostic uses

We offer a diverse range of biomarkers that are ideal for numerous applications including life science research, immunodiagnostic platform assays, ELISA’s, lateral flow, and quality assurance control manufacture:

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