We offer both native and recombinant human proteins to ensure supply sustainability for our customers


Why use Native Proteins?

The successful calibration and verification of immuno-diagnostic test kits depends on materials that have very similar properties to those of the samples being tested. This ensures results are both accurate and reliable for the widest range of patient samples.

For IVD manufacturers, sourcing sufficient volumes of high quality clinical sample can be a challenge due to regulatory and logistical constraints. There are numerous considerations that have to be taken into account when selecting a material to use in the quantitation of a diagnostic test, ranging from the pre-analytical status, to ensuring security of supply.

It can take many years for a diagnostic test kit to develop from the initial biomarker discovery through to a successful commercial launch. During this development phase it is essential that the materials used are reproducible and of a consistent quality.

BBI Solutions can help

We are a primary manufacturer of high quality native human antigens, covering a wide range of medical conditions. Our native antigens are purified from human plasma and tissues from ethical sources in our ISO 13485 regulated laboratories in the United Kingdom. We quality check our products using a wide range of modern analytical methods and through partnerships with global testing laboratories and hospitals to provide information on a diverse range of immuno-diagnostic testing platforms.

A quality solution

All BBI proteins are manufactured under:

With BBI you can expect …

  • Batch to batch consistency
  • Rigorous product testing
  • Full product documentation
  • Material to meet the most demanding specifications
  • Technical support from the manufacturer

With over 25 years’ experience manufacturing human antigens, we offer a diverse range of markers that are ideal for numerous applications including life science research, immunodiagnostic platform assays, ELISA’s, lateral flow, and quality assurance control manufacture.

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Providing the solution to all your needs

A selection of fully characterised antibodies matching our proteins are also available from BBI, along with an extensive collection of bulk disease state plasma and individual clinical samples.

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