Our Depleted Serums, a consistently high quality product that performs time after time


BBI Solutions manufacture a number of analyte depleted serum products specifically designed for producing negative controls. These are depleted of either a single analyte or multiple analytes, to suit a number of instruments and diagnostic tests.

Why use Depleted Serums?

When performing an immunoassay for the detection and analysis of target analytes, the performance of the tests can be affected if the test matrix is not similar to the samples being tested. For example you can find different dose response curves when an analyte is run in a buffer such as PBS, as opposed to using a depleted serum.

Depleted serum products need to be optically clear and free from interfering factors to give reproducible results, batch to batch. Our materials are prepared from large homogenous pools which are filtered and frozen.

The use of our depleted serums in your immunoassay can significantly improve the detection of biomarkers by removing any matrix effects and give reproducible standard curves.

Our Depleted Serums perform time after time:

  • Ensuring a consistently, high quality product
  • An economical alternative to naturally low level human serum and plasma
  • Eliminating batch to batch variability and long procurement lead times
  • Single analyte and multi analyte depletions are available
  • From off the clot pooled normal human serum or delipidated defibrinated plasma


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