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Our range of recombinant fab monoclonal antibodies are derived from mouse and developed using phage display technology, recombinant techniques and the Luminex platform. We now offer matched antibody pairs with exceptional and clinically-relevant performance characteristics to a wide range of biomarkers, with more in development.

Advantages of Recombinant Fab Monoclonal Antibodies

Clinical relevance – tested on real patient samples.

Picomolar affinities – allows the development of high sensitivity assays.

Scale up and batch consistency – expressed in E.coli giving rise to quick and reliable production processes.

Better value than standard IgG – compared with IgG, Fab molecules have approximately 50% more antibody binding sites per milligram of product.

Fewer conjugation issues – our antibodies are engineered with a free Cysteine for site-specific conjugation, therefore there is no interference with the antigen binding site of the antibody.

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CRP Recombinant Fab Monoclonal Antibody

Flagship Products

With proven product performance and highly satisfied customers, some of our most popular products include:

  • CRP
  • Cystatin C
  • S100 Beta
  • ST2
  • MPO

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Improve Your Assay Sensitivity

Each of our recombinant antibody matched pairs is the best performing pair from over 4500 pairing combinations screened using phage display and Luminex technology, ensuring optimum sensitivity for your assay. The antibodies are produced in E. coli reducing lead times and ensuring reliable manufacture.

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Fab Format

The antibodies are engineered to the fab format using recombinant techniques:

  • Engineered free Cysteine residue for ease of conjugation
  • Approximately 50% more antigen binding sites per milligram of antibody due to no Fc region
  • No Fc-mediated non-specific binding
  • His-tag

Clinical Relevance

Our recombinant antibodies are tested in patient samples and have clinically relevant dynamic ranges of detection. For example, patients with Calcitonin levels >100 pg/mL have a high risk of medullary thyroid carcinoma; our Calcitonin antibody pair detects at a range of 6 to 2000 pg/mL.

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