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Over 25 years’ experience supplying critical raw materials to the in vitro diagnostic market

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BBI Solutions (BBI) has a selection of high performance polyclonal antibody reagents for the medical diagnostics industry and research use. Many of these antibodies are raised in goat and affinity purified; this ensures large batch sizes and a high level of antibody specificity.

  • Raised in goat and sheep for large batch sizes
  • Antiserum available on request
  • Customisation available on request

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Flagship products

Our polyclonal antibodies are trusted by testers across the world as a cost effective solution for a number of diagnostic applications such as quantitative ELISA. You may want to consider using these polyclonal antibodies in your assay for the following biomarker:

  • Cystatin C
  • CRP
  • Beta 2 Microglobulin (B2M)
  • Ferritin
  • Albumin
  • CK-MM

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