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Monoclonal Antibodies Matched Pairs

BBI Solutions’ monoclonal antibodies are tried, tested and trusted in a variety of applications

With over 25 years’ experience supplying critical raw materials to the in vitro diagnostics market; we know what works well together. Using our knowledge and experience we can recommend matched sandwich pairs for our monoclonal antibodies, saving you time and money.

Monoclonal Antibodies
Marker Application Paired Capture Ab Paired Detection Ab Competitive Antibody
AFP Sandwich ELISA BM315-H6H8 BM315-F1C7  
Aggrecan Sandwich ELISA BM445-M5H9 or BM445-M5H8 BM447-P7F2 or BM447-P7F1  
AMH Lateral Flow, ELISA BM459-P2B4 BM459-S4E8  
BNP Sandwich ELISA BM454-T4E1 BM454-S3D8  
Calprotectin Lateral Flow, Sandwich ELISA BM410-D5F9 self pairing BM410-D5F9 self pairing  
Campylobacter Lateral flow, Sandwich ELISA BM465-N6G1 self pairing BM465-N6G1 self pairing  
C.difficile Toxin B LF BM347-N4A8 BM347-T4G1  
Cryptosporidium Parvum Lateral flow, Sandwich ELISA BM466-M3C7 self pairing BM466-M3C7 self pairing  
CA125 ELISA BM234-S3A8 BM234-T5D5  
CA15-3 ELISA BM236-K2F4 or BM236-V2G9 BM236-K6A5  
CA19-9 ELISA BM238-G6C8 BM238-H7D1  
Chicken IgY LF BM421-P5G5 or BM421-M6B6 BM421-P5G5 or BM421-M6B6  
CK-MB Sandwich ELISA, LF BM351-M5D9 BM351-S4C5  
CRP Lateral Flow, ELISA BM228-H6B2 BM228-E3C9  
CYFRA 21-1 Recombinant Monoclonal) Sandwich ELISA BR328-N3G7 or BR328-H4F9 BR328-H4F9 or BR328-N3G7 (partner Abs) BR328-S8B2  
D-Dimer LF BM243-1D2 BM243-3B6  
D-Dimer ELISA BM243-3B6 BM243-1D2  
Dengue NS1 Subtype 1 LF BM404-K2G4 BM409-G3D1  
Dengue NS1 Subtype 1 LF BM404-K2G4 BM409-V8F1  
Dengue NS1 Subtype 1 LF BM409-P3B4 BM409-G3D1  
Dengue NS1 Subtype 2 LF BM339-T3H2 BM339-P3D8  
Dengue NS1 Subtype 2 LF BM339-T3H2 BM339-P6C6  
Dengue NS1 Subtype 3 LF BM406-F2E8 BM405-K9A1  
Dengue NS1 Subtype 3 LF BM405-K9A1 BM406-F2E8  
Dengue NS1 Subtype 4 LF BM408-N9G5 BM407-K3A2  
Dengue NS1 Subtype 4 LF BM408-N9G5 BM408-G8E7  
E.coli (0157) Lateral flow, Sandwich ELISA BM464-S9D7 self pairing BM464-S9D7 self pairing
Entamoeba Lateral flow, Sandwich ELISA BM467-H5D7 self pairing BM467-H5D7 self pairing
FABP Heart Sandwich ELISA BM442-D2C9 BM442-D6D1  
FABP Heart Sandwich ELISA BM442-V3H7 BM442-G2E6 (star pair) and BM442-E6A1, BM442-M2B9  
FeLV LF BM419-E7A5 BM419-O6H1  
Fetal Fibronectin Sandwich ELISA / Lateral Flow BM450-H9F7 BM450-V3B1  
Free Beta HCG Sandwich ELISA BM317-T7H6 BM317-N2B7 and/or BM317-S8D2  
FSH Sandwich ELISA BM202-V7D8 BM202-Z1G4  
Giardia LF BM423-V5C5 BM423-V5C5  
Growth Hormone Sandwich ELISA BM390-G5F7 BM390-H2H5  
HbA1c LF, ELISA BM302-F1B4 BM300-F7C2  
HBsAg Ad/Ay LF, ELISA BM310-V4F9 BM310-Z2E8  
HCG ELISA BM206-V6E9 -  
HCG Beta ELISA BM317-M5C9 BM317-P7E5 or BM317-Z2A2  
HCG Total ELISA BM319-M6H2 BM317-M5C9  
h. Pylori Lateral flow, Sandwich ELISA BM385-G7E3 self pairing BM385-G7E3 self pairing
IGFBP1 Sandwich ELISA BM456-H5F3 BM456-D2E6
IGFBP3 Sandwich ELISA BM396-P6F9 BM396-V3C7  
IL-6 ELISA BM457-D4F7 BM457-D4F7
Influenza A Lateral flow, Sandwich ELISA BM411-D1C5 self pairing BM411-D1C5 self pairing
Influenza B Lateral flow, Sandwich ELISA BM335-G7C5 self pairing BM335-G7C5 self pairing
Insulin Sandwich ELISA BM364-Z8A2 BM364-T8F5  
Legionella pneumophila Lateral flow, Sandwich ELISA BM461-V8A7 BM461-T4C9  
Listeria LF BM401-K4H9 BM401-M7A5  
Listeria LF BM401-T7B6 BM401-K4H9  
Lp (a) Sandwich ELISA BM453-D1C8 BM453-D1C8 self pairing  
Lp-PLA2 Sandwich ELISA, CLIA.TIA BM452-G6H1 BM452-K3B5  
Luteinising Hormone ELISA, LF BM200-T7E8 BM200-E1C5  
Malaria (Pf and Pv) LF, ELISA BM402-Z7C6 BM355-P4A2  
Malaria (Pf) LF, ELISA BM356-S1C8 BM355-P4A2  
Malaria HRP LF BM340-F5D2 BM340-F5D2  
Malaria HRP LF BM340-F5D2 BM340-Z2D5  
Malaria pLDH LF BM355-P4A2 BM355-P4A2  
Myoglobin Lateral flow BM222-D5F2 BM222-E1G3
NT-pro BNP Sandwich ELISA / Lateral Flow BM449-P2F6 BM449-S2E1  
Osteocalcin Sandwich ELISA BM399-S6A3 BM399-P5E5 or BM399-P5E6  
PBP2a ELISA BM306-M3D1 BM306-O3G7  
Pepsinogen II Sandwich ELISA BM455-V3G6 BM455-F1D9  
Placental Lactogen ELISA BM446-F4D6 and/or BM446-E6H6 - BM446-F4D6 and/or BM446-E6H6
Procalcitonin Sandwich ELISA / Lateral Flow BM448-H3D5 BM448-M5C1  
Prolactin Sandwich ELISA BM204-N5A1 BM204-T7G5  
Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Sandwich ELISA BM214-T3C1 BM214-M6C9
PTH ELISA - BM361-E4H3  
Renin Sandwich ELISA BM438-K9C2 BM438-S4D2  
Rotavirus Lateral flow, Sandwich ELISA BM412-D1B6 self pairing BM412-D1B6 self pairing  
T3 ELISA BM440-P3H6 - BM440-P3H6
T4 ELISA BM441-U6E2 - BM441-U6E2
Troponin I ELISA BM322-N4D1 or BM322-K5F1 BM322-M4E5  
TSH Sandwich ELISA BM216-T5C1 and/or BM216-T7F7 BM216-P8F4 or BM216-P8F5  
TSH Lateral Flow BM216-S1A5 BM216-V6D5  
VanA ELISA BM334-G8A5 or BM334-G3H9 BM334-P2C1  
Vitamin D 25-0H D2+D3 ELISA BM439-Z6B8 - BM439-Z6B8
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