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Why BBI?

At BBI Solutions (BBI) quality governs all we do and with over 25 years’ experience; we take pride in ensuring that our antibodies are highly sensitive and consistent. Our antibodies cover a wide range of disease areas and are tried, tested and trusted by leading laboratories across the world. BBI is at the forefront of innovation and technology and is constantly looking at new production methods to ensure reliable supply.

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Monoclonal Antibodies

As an in vitro diagnostics industry specialist, we offer a range of classical mouse monoclonal antibodies tested in appropriate applications, including lateral flow and ELISA, which form the basis of our customers’ assays. Customers can be confident that our monoclonal antibodies have the sensitivity and consistency to provide optimal performance in their assays.

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Recombinant Fab Antibodies

Our range of recombinant fab monoclonal antibodies are derived from mouse and developed using phage display technology, recombinant techniques and the Luminex platform. We now offer matched antibody pairs with exceptional and clinically-relevant performance characteristics to a wide range of biomarkers.

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Polyclonal Antibodies

BBI’s range of high performance polyclonal antibody reagents caters for the medical diagnostics industry and research use. Many of these antibodies are raised in goat and affinity purified; this ensures large batch sizes and a high level of antibody specificity.

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BBI has over 25 years’ of expertise working with customers and partners to develop and manufacture antibodies for a diverse range of applications, including lateral flow and ELISA.

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