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Novarum™ DX

What is a smartphone diagnostic reader?

The convergence of disruptive mobile technology and point of care testing (POCT) has enabled Novarum™ to develop a software solution which can accurately read and share the results of diagnostic tests, using nothing more a smartphone.

Novarum’s patented image-capture technology transforms a smartphone camera into an accurate test reader. Test results are shared securely via an end-user portal, to healthcare professionals online, as part of a connected mobile eco-system.

How is it used?

Mobile-enabled diagnostic testing puts test results, of lab-quality, in the hands of patients or field workers to facilitate effective decision-making from the point of care. Testing and tracking the spread of infectious disease can be performed in challenging areas and provide support to populations where access to healthcare is remote. Novarum™ smartphone readers can also empower patients to monitor chronic conditions from the comfort of their own home.


    • Quick and accurate results available from the point of care
    • An intuitive mobile app ensures ease-of-use
    • Read a wide range of tests (lateral flow, ELISA, colorimetric)
    • Access to quantitative data without changing platforms
    • No additional hardware requirements


Want to know more?

Novarum™ smartphone readers have the potential to revolutionise diagnostics within infectious disease, auto-immune and toxicology, due to the versatility of reading a wide and complex range of visually read tests.

To learn how Novarum’s smartphone readers can enhance the performance of your assay, visit:

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