Novarum Mobile Reader Solutions

We develop next generation technologies for point of care diagnostics

The Novarum Applications

The Novarum Reader has been designed for almost any test where the result is normally read by the human eye.

Accuracy, connectivity and ease of use make the Novarum Reader invaluable for medical, veterinary, defence, agricultural and environmental testing.

The Reader can be used in any location, however, the benefits are greatest when used in the field.

The Novarum Reader can be used for:

  • Lateral flow tests
  • ELISA tests
  • Colorimetric tests
  • Colony counts
  • Agglutination
  • Urine dipsticks
  • Biochemical paper-based assays

At Home Testing

Smartphone diagnostic testing can be performed by the patient from the comfort of their own home, with the results shared securely with healthcare professionals online.

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Infectious Disease

Novarum leverages mobile phone connectivity and intuitive app development to transform a smartphone into a diagnostic reader in support of infectious disease diagnosis, tracking and epidemiology.

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Novarum’s smartphone diagnostics technology can support rapid tests to detect drugs of abuse using blood, urine or saliva sampling.

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Fertility Apps

FemTech (Technology targeted at Women’s Health) solutions, such as fertility tracking apps, can be used to support reproductive health goals to conceive or avoid pregnancy. However, more niche applications in areas of intimate health may also reduce embarrassment and facilitate translating a test result into the correct action. Smartphone diagnostic testing can support these goals whilst adding test results in real-time.

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Veterinary Testing

Novarum’s innovative diagnostic technology can enable accurate point of care testing, within an agricultural or household setting, to safeguard the well-being of livestock and small animal health.

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Industrial Testing

Smartphone diagnostic testing enables maintenance technicians to inspect, report and repair critical systems to ensure peak safety and efficiency with minimal operational downtime.

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Food Protection

Food safety testing and monitoring is vital to protect public health in both developed and under-developed countries. Novarum’s smartphone diagnostic testing supports the developing mAgriculture movement – which acknowledges the effectiveness of introducing mobile phone-enabled technology to enhance agricultural practices and drive food safety standards.

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