Novarum Mobile Reader Solutions

We develop next generation technologies for point of care diagnostics

How Novarum Works
Customise your app
Your app
Work with our highly trained team to develop an application which is specific to your needs and test.
the app
End users can download a customised Novarum™ software App that gives the best results with your tests and assays.
Download the app
Run the test
the test
perform the test
run the test
the code
Scanning codes with a smartphone camera identifies the type of test to be performed, and the lot and batch numbers
Scan the code
Scan the results
the results
Novarum's patented image capture software shows an immediate pass/fail result.
& transfer
Send the results to the database of your choice using email, WiFi, SMS, web, 4G, Bluetooth or USB. Results outside the norm can be flagged for immediate action
connect and transfer
Connect and Transfer

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