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Rapid Legionella Test

Rapid Legionella test

Novarum™ has created a bespoke app and mobile testing solution for the world’s first on-site test for Legionella.

This unique mobile test – delivered for Hydrosense – is now available on the App Store, creating a user-friendly, independent, rapid test for one of the world’s most insidious health challenges.

“Novarum's innovative mobile solution has really enhanced our self-test product for legionella. Using a smartphone test reader app enables our end-users to perform a precise and immediate diagnosis, with the results shared securely for real-time data analysis. We now offer an unrivalled, end-to-end solution to the legionella challenge, which has helped to increase our market share.”

Graham Tyrie, Hydrosense


Legionnaire’s Disease is caused by inhaling Legionella contaminated water spray. It kills up to 20% of people infected – with tens of thousands of cases reported across the globe annually. It is widely accepted that lab testing for Legionella is notoriously slow and inaccurate.

Hydrosense, a UK-based company that develops environmental technologies for water-based markets, has developed a rapid test for Legionella. The test can be carried out on site and is the only one of its kind in the world. Rapid detection supports a quick response, which in turn, saves lives.


Novarum has created a unique mobile solution that supports and enhances the Hydrosense Legionnaire’s test.

The company created a low-cost hand-held mobile-enabled test reader that is highly functional and can be used anywhere. Novarum then wrapped a sophisticated mobile platform around the test reader to create an effective mobile eco-system.

The Novarum solution built seamlessly on Hydrosense’s existing test technology to create an intuitive, accurate, rapid platform. This enabled Hydrosense to easily and effectively market the product to a global market via the App Store.


Dr Neil Polwart, founder of Novarum, said: “Creating this bespoke platform to support Hydrosense’s ground-breaking Legionella test was an exciting opportunity. We’re delighted to have delivered this effective, holistic solution.

“Novarum creates innovative, tailored solutions to support each individual clients’ need; every app we create is unique – delivering effective, intuitive mobile eco-systems that enable complex tests to be easily and accurately read and results shared from any location.”

The Hydrosense app and mobile infrastructure includes a number of key features:

  • It provides independent, objective, repeatable and accurate reading of the test result
  • It is capable of reading semi-quantitative tests
  • Borderline results are assessed according to expert criteria
  • It provides traceability of results for audit purposes
  • It has the ability to provide information to decision makers in real-time
  • Offers simple, fast connectivity to a secure portal for tracking and monitoring of results and associated data
  • Integrates with Hydrosense’s current payment and accounting platforms, and their CRM and business systems
  • 2D barcode present on the test is instantly and accurately read


Novarum also designed an accompanying data portal, which is free to Hydrosense users, together providing customers with benefits such as:

  • Independent, fully objective reading of Legionella risk
  • Highly-sensitive detection levels – picks up event very slight positive results
  • Connectivity options for scheduling, recording, sending alerts and reporting functions


Novarum overcame the technical challenges related to the test’s specific and non-standard design and created an effective, intuitive mobile testing solution. The Novarum reader has helped to increase sales of the Hydrosense Legionella test by 20% in its first year and Hydrosense resellers are now customising the system for their own specific sectors, including cruise ships and oil and gas.

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