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In 2017 we produced over 600,000 tests for our infectious disease customers.

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Immunoassay Services for Infectious Diseases

The infectious disease testing segment within the clinical diagnostics lateral flow market accounted for 28.2% of the market in 2016. This segment is the largest in this market area and is predicted to grow to USD 2,276.7 million by 2022 from USD 1,368.3 million in 2017, at a CAGR of 10.7%.1

Increasingly sensitive and accurate infectious disease diagnostics are crucial to implementing therapy earlier in the infection and avoiding higher costs of treatment. Latent or asymptomatic diseases can progress into severe chronic conditions that can challenge healthcare funding and contribute significantly to national healthcare spending.


Infectious disease assay manufacturers are experiencing increased pressure to conform to regulations, improve the sensitivity and specificity of their immunoassays, along with providing a clear advantage in the marketplace to using their product. Also, viral diseases are often mutating so new antigens and biomarkers need to be detected.

Our innovative solutions

BBI Solutions has developed significant experience within this market area. During 2017, 27% of our assay development programmes were within this market segment and we produced over 600,000 tests for our customers in the infectious disease area. We offer a range of technologies and reagents that can help our customers achieve their sensitivity goals which include:

This unique combination of experience and technologies allows BBI Solutions to provide a complete service to customers in the infectious disease market.

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