Antibody Services

Our goal-driven custom antibody development program improves assay performance and reduces cost and timelines

Antigen Affinity Purification

We offer affinity purification using a custom column prepared with your immobilised antigen to isolate antigen-specific antibodies. This process enables maximum isolation and enrichment of only the most specific antibodies generated to the antigen while removing non-specific endogenous antibodies. Many applications benefit from this process as antibodies can be used at higher concentrations (lower dilutions) without increasing signal background.

Polishing columns can also be prepared to remove a specific class of undesirable sample components and enrich the specificity of the final preparation. Incorporation of a human IgG affinity column to deplete antibodies to conserved regions of the IgG immunogen is a common approach in polyconal anti-idiotype projects.

Affinity columns can also be prepared by immobilising target-specific antibodies to the resin in order to purify a protein of interest from a crude preparation such as cell culture or serum.

Every polyclonal project elicits a unique immune response in the host animal. We bring over 27 years of experience working with customers to design affinity purification strategies to generate antibodies that suit their specific applications.

Antigen affinity purification highlights

  • Columns are custom prepared with immobilised antigens or antibodies
  • Antigen immobilisation protocols are selected to mimic presentation in vivo
  • Typically 1-10% of the total polyclonal IgG fraction is antigen-specific
  • Non-specific endogenous antibodies are removed
  • Polishing columns can also be prepared to further enrich specificity
  • Custom protocol optimisation is available
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