Antibody Services

Our goal-driven custom antibody development program improves assay performance and reduces cost and timelines

Antibody Purification

We offer a wide range of cGMP purification services. Antibody purification can be done as an extension of our monoclonal and polyclonal production offerings or as a stand alone service. Based on years of purification experience with a vast number of cell culture supernatant, ascites and serum samples, our purification team has developed optimised protocols to generate high quality antibody in quantities sufficient for early screening studies through large-scale production.

Learn more about our available purification services:

Protein A purification of mouse monoclonal cell lines with subclass-optimised binding and elution conditions

Protein A and Protein G purification of polyclonal serum

Antigen Affinity Purification of polyclonal antibodies using an immobilised antigen column - learn more

Low Endotoxin purification to generate purified antibody preparations with low EU/mg endotoxin concentrations

MultiPure – library of purified hybridoma supernatants provided in a 96-well plate for early ranking assays

ReadyPure – single milligram quantities of purified, subcloned mAb candidates for early characterisation and screening

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