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Our goal-driven custom antibody development program improves assay performance and reduces cost and timelines

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Polyclonal antibody development

All polyclonal antibody development projects are conducted in our USDA Class R Research facility that is also NIH Assurance (OLAW) registered. All our polyclonal products meet the EC Regulation 1069/2009 regulations allowing the antibody to be shipped to Europe. Dedicated scientists will manage your project from beginning to end using expertise with a large variety of antigens and dedication to proper animal husbandry.


  • Our customisable immunisation protocol is designed to increase antibody production, as well as increase antibody affinity
  • Immunisations generally occur every 3 weeks. The first bleed is taken 10 days after the second immunisation
  • For an antigen less than 20 kDa, we recommend conjugation to a carrier protein such as KLH to increase immunogenicity and achieve the required immune response in the animal

Test bleeds and titre determination:

  • Test Bleeds are taken 10 days after each immunisation and screened by ELISA
  • ELISA results are graphed and sent to the customer for review
  • Test bleeds can be sent to the customer for confirmatory screening

Production bleeds:

  • Collection of production bleeds begins upon consultation with the customer when the screening data indicates that the animal has produced a high enough titre for the end application; typically around month 4
  • Production bleeds, of 12-25 mL each per rabbit and 350-450 mL each per goat or sheep, are collected until the required amount of antiserum is achieved. Production bleeds are taken at days 10 and 17 after immunisations
  • Purification by Protein A or G, as well as antigen specific affinity columns, is available

If a custom approach is needed for your antigen, please contact us. Modifications such as adjuvant, boosting schedule and antigen modifications can be provided. We will partner with you to provide the best chance of success for your antigen.

Rabbit polyclonal antibody development

  • NZW rabbits are purchased and housed at a USDA licensed facility
  • 5 mgs of antigen are required for an average length project
  • Standard 2 Rabbit Polyclonal Development $3,000 and up

Goat and sheep polyclonal antibody development

  • Goats and sheep are bred and raised at a USDA facility
  • 6-7 mgs of antigen required for an average length of project
  • Goats and sheep can safely be bled 2-3 times per month on a production bleed schedule.
  • Standard Goat or Sheep Polyclonal Antibody Development $3,000 and up

Polyclonal serum purification

We offer GMP purification from our Portland, Maine facility. Protein A affinity chromatography is used for purification of rabbit serum; while Protein G is used for goat and sheep serum. Affinity chromatography with immobilised Protein A or Protein G isolates the total IgG fraction; removing serum proteins, as well as IgM antibodies. We also offer affinity purification using a custom column prepared with your immobilised antigen to isolate antigen-specific antibodies. Polishing columns can also be prepared to remove a specific class of undesirable sample components and enrich the specificity of the final preparation. Our scientists can help you strategise an optimum purification process to suit your application. Contact us at or (+1) 207-797-5454 to start a project.

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