Antibody Services

Our goal-driven custom antibody development program improves assay performance and reduces cost and timelines

Custom Antibody Development

Define your immunoassay goals; let us develop the right antibodies


Monoclonal Antibody Development

Monoclonal antibody development projects begin with a technical meeting led by hybridoma specialists with over 27 years experience in immunology, antibody and assay development. Thorough antigen analysis, a comprehensive project plan, and a rigorous screening strategy ensure a goal driven process to deliver the best performing antibodies for any application. cGMP production and purification options are also available for secure reagent supply.

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Polyclonal Antibody development

Polyclonal antibody development is offered as a standalone service or seamlessly integrated into a monoclonal project plan when the goal of having a matched pair is defined, or if ADA reagents are required. Polyclonal development is offered in rabbits, sheep or goats with an option for custom affinity purification.

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