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Every reliable assay depends on high quality, reproducible gold conjugates. Put an end to uncertainty in your development or quality control testing with the highest quality diagnostic materials.

With 25 years of diagnostic experience, we use our long-established proven processes to create a wide range of highly reliable, sensitive and complex conjugates for specialist assays. Our off-the-shelf products include:

  • Anti-human conjugates
  • Anti-hCG and Anti-LH Conjugates
  • Control lines and anti-species
  • Monoclonal anti-biotin conjugate
  • Custom conjugation services

Please note: If you are based outside of the EU there will be a 5 day lead time added to your order to enable us to comply with the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) export/import policy.

Datasheets for discontinued products are still available on request by emailing your request to

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  1. BA.GAB40
    Goat anti Biotin 40nm Gold Conjugate BA.GAB40
  2. BA.GAB20
    Goat anti-Biotin 20nm Gold Conjugate BA.GAB20
    This product is available for purchase offline. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
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