Native Antigens

Ensure that your immunodiagnostic ELISA assays are as accurate and cost-effective as possible.

BBI Solutions is the world’s primary manufacturer of high quality native human antigens, to a variety of disease states. Our native antigens are purified from human plasma and tissues which are all processed at our HTA registered site in the UK.

Perfect to be used in antibody detection assays or used as a positive control in a number of different immunoassays, our wide range of native antigens are trusted by quality control testers and product developers worldwide for their high specificity and sensitivity.

BBI Solutions – the antigens experts

At BBI Solutions, we've been supplying essential enzymes and products to the diagnostic industry for over 50 years. We specialise in sourcing the right, ethically-sourced products to your testing facility – all the while minimising wastage and keeping your costs down.

Browse through our range of native antigens online today.

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  1. CA125 Cancer Antigen
    CA125 Cancer Antigen P251-4
    This product is available for purchase offline. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  2. CA15-3 Cancer Antigen
    CA15-3 Cancer Antigen P301-4
  3. CYFRA 21-1  Cancer Antigen
    CYFRA 21-1 Cancer Antigen P246-4
  4. Neurone Specific Enolase
    Neurone Specific Enolase P147-3
  5. Prostatic Acid Phosphatase
    Prostatic Acid Phosphatase P116-1
  6. PSA bound to ACT
    PSA bound to ACT P192-3
  7. PSA bound to ACT
    PSA bound to ACT P192-9
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