DIARECT product portfolio

BBI Solutions adds a new world class set of products and manufacturing facilities following the acquisition of DIARECT based in Freiburg, Germany.

Significant new product lines and skills have been added which considerably strengthens the BBI Solutions reagents portfolio.  With a range of autoimmune, allergy and specific infectious disease antigen products.

In addition a range of Surmodics stabilizers, blockers and substrates are made available through BBI Solutions for EU based customers.

Current BBI clients interested in the DIARECT range of products can contact their BBI representative who will refer them to Surmodics. Surmodics is the exclusive representative of DIARECT for the purchase of the DIARECT range of autoimmune antigens/antibodies, allergy and infectious disease antigens in North America.  For further information on the range of products available please visit their website.

These products are designed as key critical reagents for developing and manufacturing In-Vitro diagnostic tests. 

Download the DIARECT Product Catalogue

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ We have prepared some frequently asked questions which outline the benefits of the acquisition which you can download here

+ We have prepared some frequently asked questions about specific DIARECT Antigens which you can download here

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