Offering BBIs Expertise in the Fight Against Covid-19


Offering BBIs Expertise in the Fight Against Covid-19

BBI’s expertise in immunoassay and lateral flow is at your disposal.

As a leading provider of immunoassay reagents, gold labels, and rapid lateral flow assay manufacturing services, we can

  • Accelerate tests to market
  • Increase the availability of rapid immunoassays for healthcare professionals and public
  • Mobilise supply chain capacity
  • Aid the collection, interpretation and communication of results in this dynamic crisis

BBI Solutions will remove any significant barrier for the goal of increasing accessibility of your tests for embattled healthcare providers worldwide and for supporting the diagnostic testing infrastructure in all countries affected.

In any crisis, tried and trusted approaches and partners are even more in demand to separate the claims from the facts, especially when people’s lives depend on the results. BBI’s reputation in our industry is exemplary for the level of quality, service and responsiveness we provide, and we are ready to do our part in these times.

If you are an IVD manufacturer then speak to us about your urgent diagnostics component needs or manufacturing bottlenecks. Contact us

If you are a health care provider or commissioning organisation, then speak to us your need for mobile connectivity of your de-centralised test results and how our Novarum™ mobile technology can enhance your epidemiological data and insight. Learn more

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