65% off Gold Nanoparticles to develop your Covid-19 lateral flow assay

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Are you developing a Covid-19 lateral flow assay?

65% off Gold Nanoparticles

BBI Solutions wish to offer an exclusive 65% discount on a selected range of Gold Nanoparticles*

+ 65% discount on GCKitDiag gold sample kits20mL or 100mL pack sizes of 20, 40, 60 and 80nM gold colloid Product Codes :EM.GCKITDiag and EM. GCKITDiagPlus
+ 65% discount on our OD1 40, 60 and 80nm gold nanoparticles 100mL and 1L pack sizes: Product Codes;:EM.GC40, EM.GC60 and EM.GC80
+ 65% discount on our OD4.5 40nm Gold Colloid – Product Code :EM.GC40SPL

Why you should choose BBI's Gold:

+ High stability and sensitivity – 1 year shelf-life ensures a robust test manufacturing regime saving you time and wastage
+ Uniform shape and standard size, low coefficient of variation – ensure even antibody loading giving reliable results in your assay
+ Scale –individual batch sizes of up to 350L – reduce your incoming QC time by validating a single lot
+ Quality – BBI gold pass strict quality procedures before it’s released to our customers, guaranteeing impressive performance characteristics at scale

Contact us now as this offer is only available through our account management team.

Note: Discount will be maintained for 9 months post initial purchase, after which time discount level will be reviewed based on forecasted annual volume demand.

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