Ferritin - Liver


Ferritin is a glycoprotein of approximately 440-450 kDa and pI of 5.5, which stores iron atoms in the ferric state. It is predominantly intracellular, where it forms an exchangeable pool of iron acting as an iron store. Ferritin level in serum is directly proportional to body iron stores and serum levels are an excellent indicator in monitoring iron status in anaemia.

More Information
Abbreviation Ferritin
Applications Biosensors, Clinical Chemistry, Control Manufacture, ELISA, Lateral Flow, Life Science
Disease Area Nutrition Markers
Health and Safety

Derived from human liver tissue and formulated in a buffer containing sodium azide. refer to SDS for further information.

Keywords ferritin, human, liver
Molecular Weight 474000 Da
Presentation Matrix TRIS Buffer
Product Category Native Antigens
Purity/Grade >96%
Recommended Use


Shipping Recommendation 2-8°C
Source Liver
Storage 2-8°C
UniProt Number P02792
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