Creatine Kinase CK-MM

Creatine kinases are found in muscle tissues and are released into the bloodstream following muscle damage. Creatine Kinase consists of 2 subunits; M and B. Combinations of the two subunits results in the isomers CK-MB, CK-MM and CK-BB. Measurement of the CK-MB isoenzyme, found in cardiac muscle, is routinely used as a marker for myocardial infarction (MI).
More Information
Abbreviation CK-MM
Applications Biosensors, Clinical Chemistry, Control Manufacture, ELISA, Lateral Flow, Life Science
Disease Area Cardiac Markers
Keywords Creatine Kinase, CK-MM, human, protein
Molecular Weight 81000 Da
Presentation Matrix Lyophilised
Product Category Native Antigens
Purity/Grade >50%
Recommended Use


Shipping Recommendation 4°C
Source Cardiac Tissue
Storage -20°C
UniProt Number P12277
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