Complement C1q


The C1 component of complement is a complex of 2 C1q sub-units and a tetramer comprising 2 C1r and 2 C1s sub-units. C1 activation is regulated by an inhibitor (C1 inhibitor). Reductions in the levels of components C3, C4, C1 and C2 can be associated with glomerular disease, endocarditis and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). C1q has a molecular weight of 410kDa.

More Information
Abbreviation C1Q
Applications Biosensors, Clinical Chemistry, Control Manufacture, ELISA, Lateral Flow, Life Science
Disease Area Plasma Proteins
Keywords C1C, Complement C1Q, complement protein
Presentation Matrix Lyophilised
Product Category Native Antigens
Purity/Grade >96%
Recommended Use


Shipping Recommendation 4°C
Source plasma
Storage -20°C
UniProt Number P02745
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