C-Reactive Protein (CRP)


C-Reactive Protein is an acute phase protein with a molecular mass of approximately 114kDa. It is synthesised in the liver and is most commonly used as a marker for inflamation. Elevated CRP levels are seen in patients with coronary artery disease; hence it is also used in cardiology diagnostic tests to predict and monitor this disease.

More Information
Abbreviation CRP
Applications Biosensors, Clinical Chemistry, Control Manufacture, ELISA, Lateral Flow, Life Science
Disease Area Inflammation Markers
Keywords C reactive protein, CRP, elevated CRP
Molecular Weight 137500 Da
Presentation Matrix TRIS Buffer / NaCl
Product Category Native Antigens
Purity/Grade >99%
Recommended Use


Shipping Recommendation 4°C
Source plasma
Storage 2-8°C, do not freeze
UniProt Number P02741
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