Campylobacter spp. Monoclonal Antibody

Campylobacter is a genus of Gram-negative bacteria. Campylobacterspp. typically appear comma or s-shaped and motile. Most Campylobacter species can cause disease and can infect humans and other animals. The bacterium's main reservoir is poultry, however, humans can contract the disease from eating food contaminated with Campylobacter species. Another source of infection is contact with infected animals, which often carry Campylobacter asymptomatically. At least a dozen species of Campylobacter have been implicated in human disease, with C. jejuni and C. coli being the most common. C. jejuni is now recognised as one of the main causes of bacterial foodborne disease in many developed countries.
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Amount 1mg
Disease Area Infectious Disease
Host Mouse
Immunogen Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli recombinant outer membrane protein expressed and purified from E. coli
Isotype IgG1
Presentation Matrix Supplied liquid in a PBS buffer, pH7.4, containing 0.09% sodium azide.
Product Category Monoclonal Antibodies
Purity/Grade Protein A
Shipping Recommendation Cool Pack
Specificity Antibody detects Campylobacter. No cross reactivity with H. pylori, E. coli, S. enteriditis. S. paratyphi, S typhi, S. typhimurium, S. boydii, S. dysenteriae, S. flexneri, S. sonnei, Y. enterocolitica, L. monocytogenes, S. aureus.
Storage 2-8 °C
Target Species Human
Tested Applications Sandwich ELISA|Lateral Flow|Western Blot
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