CA15-3 Cancer Monoclonal Antibody


CA15-3 is a heterogeneous, 300 kDa glycoprotein used to monitor certain cancers, especially breast cancer. It is found on the surface of many types of cancer cells and shed into the blood stream. It is most commonly used to monitor advanced metastatic cancer.

Elevated levels of CA15-3, in conjunction with alkaline phosphatase (ALP), is found to be associated with an increased chance of early recurrence in breast cancer.

More Information
Amount 1mg
Abbreviation CA15-3
Applications Sandwich ELISA, Western Blot
Function in Disease Tumour
Host Mouse
Immunogen Human CA15-3 antigen from human cell line
Isotype IgG2b κ
Keywords CA15-3
Presentation Matrix PBS Buffer
Product Category Monoclonal Antibodies
Purity/Grade Protein G
Recommended Use

Recommended as a detection antibody with BM236-K2F4 or BM236-V2G9 as the capture antibodies. Can also be used as a capture antibody

Source Murine Cell Culture
Storage 2-8°C (up to 1 month), below -15°C (long term)
Target Species human
Tested Applications Sandwich ELISA, Western Blot
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