Meet our experts in Lateral Flow Technology

Meet our experts in Lateral Flow Technology

BBI Solutions has been shaping the future of lateral flow technology for over 30 years, combining an innovative and flexible approach with unparalleled knowledge and a commitment to high quality standards.

Our innovation team consisting of New Product Development scientists, Product Managers and Business Development Managers are committed to developing or finding the latest flow test technologies and innovations to improve assay performance.

Meet the key players in our team:

Dr Karen Whiting

Global Head of New Product Development with a degree and PhD in Biochemistry. More than 20 years of experience in the IVD industry, developing and validating lateral flow tests for a range of sample matrices and biomarkers. Recently her teams' focus has been on the introduction of new reagents and technologies to further enhance the sensitivity and specificity of immunoassays.

Morgan West

New Product Development Leader with a degree in Biochemistry. More than seven years of experience developing a wide range of clinical and veterinary lateral flow assays.

Shaun Phillips

Senior New Product Development Scientist with a degree in Biology. More than six years of experience of developing lateral flow tests for infectious diseases and food-borne pathogen detection.

Our latest innovation

MorffiTM signal enhancement technology

Developed by the NPD team, our Morffi technology is a proprietary signal enhancement technology that improves the sensitivity of lateral flow immunoassays. It can provide up to a 10-fold improvement in the limit of detection, enhancements in assay sensitivity and may offer a faster time-to-results for situations where a quick diagnosis is critical to patient care. Further tests in plasma and urine have shown a 2-fold enhancement.

The Morffi technology overcomes the issues commonly associated with BSA conjugate blocking to improve analyte-specific binding, and is suitable for a wide range of lateral flow applications.

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