Meet our Antibody Development Expert

Meet our Antibody Development Expert

Dr Stephen Pelsue, Science Director, joins BBI Solutions as part of the recent acquisition of Maine Biotechnology Services (MBS). Dr Pelsue provides technical expertise and leadership to the Antibody Development Services scientific team as they work to integrate new tools, technologies and processes that enhance our ability to address challenging new antibody targets on behalf of our client base.

Prior to joining MBS, Dr Pelsue was an Associate Professor of Immunology and Molecular Biology at the University of Southern Maine, where he ran a research program investigating the development of autoantibodies in autoimmune diseases, particularly focused on Lupus. In addition to his research program he taught molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics and immunology. He served as Graduate Coordinator and Department Chair in the Department of Applied Medical Sciences, as well as served as the first Associate Dean in the College of Science, Technology and Health. Dr Pelsue’s education includes B.S. in Chemistry from Northland College, a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from North Carolina State University and a postdoctoral fellowship at The Jackson Laboratory.

The antibody development team focus on a custom strategy for antibody development, created with assay goals in mind. Unique early screening capabilities ensuring that antibody candidates are characterised and selected based on real assay data, including matched pair assessment. Goal driven antibody development improves the performance of immunoassays and enhances point of care testing (POCT).

If you would like to ask Dr Pelsue any questions about our antibody development services, please get in touch today or download our antibody development product sheet.

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