Webinar: Standardisation of serum tumour markers – optional extra or essential?

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International Standards (IS) and International Reference Preparations help to improve between-laboratory comparability of immunoassay results and can also enable better understanding of what is being measured. The good agreement between results observed for AFP and PSA markers reflects the availability of appropriately constituted International Standards for these important tumour markers. Those for hCG are also contributing to optimal design of the next generation of hCG immunoassays. Unfortunately, however, there are as yet no International Standards for CA125, CA19-9 and other mucinous markers for which between-method agreement is poor.

In this Webinar Dr. Catharine Sturgeon considered why this is the case and what collaborative international initiatives are required to fill the gap.

Key Learning Points

  • Benefits of tumour marker standardisation
  • Current use and reporting of tumour markers
  • How to improve tumour marker standardisation

Catharine Sturgeon photo

Dr. Catharine M. Sturgeon

Dr. Catharine Sturgeon is a Consultant Clinical Scientist and Director of the UK National External Quality Assessment Service (UK NEQAS) unit at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, where she also contributes to the interpretative service provided by the Department of Laboratory Medicine, as well as teaching and multidisciplinary research.

She has a particular interest in tumour markers and has worked to encourage their appropriate use through implementation of practice guidelines, such as those of the European Group on Tumour Markers and the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry. She has a long-standing interest in improving both analytical quality and clinical interpretation of laboratory tests and has been actively involved in a number of standardisation projects, including those of the IFCC Working Groups on hCG and growth hormone. She currently chairs the IFCC Working Group for PTH.


Mr Simon Packer

Mr Simon Packer,
Product specialist, BBI Solutions

Simon is currently the product group specialist for the human protein range at BBI Solutions. In this role he provides support to customers using these products in different applications. He has worked on protein purification at BBI for over 25 years, participating from concept to formulated product. A wide range of tumour marker proteins have been introduced into the BBI Solutions product portfolio supervised by Simon.

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