Webinar: Mythbusting Smartphone Diagnostic Readers

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Webinar hosted by

Novarum Mobile Reader Solutions


The convergence of point of care testing (POCT) and the mobile phone has the potential to revolutionise diagnostics. Yet, misconceptions exist about the capability of a smartphone to accurately read and share the results of diagnostic tests.

Download our webinar recording as we mythbust the common misconceptions surrounding smartphone readers and demonstrate how the technology is already transforming POCT.

Our webinar will cover:

  • How sensitive are smartphone cameras?
  • Which tests are read by smartphones?
  • Where can the readers be deployed?
  • What if there is no device connectivity? 
  • Is the sharing of test results secure? 
  • What about BYOD protocols?
  • What regulations are required?
  • Can smartphones reduce test errors?

About our presenter:

Dr Neil Polwart, Founder NovarumTMDX and BBI Group Head of Mobile.

With a PhD in Chemistry, Dr Polwart has over a decade of experience in mHealth within the diagnostic industry, delivering connected health and enabling true point of care technology.


For more information about Novarum and our webinar, email: enquiries@novarumdx.com

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